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We are certified to design and install Photo-voltaic (PV), Solar Hot Water, Solar Pool Heating and Solar Lighting systems of any size.

We design systems to offer project-specific energy solutions for many environmental concerns while providing service that exceeds customer’s expectations.

Solar Energy NY Corp serves the needs of both residential and commercial customers everywhere. Everyone who cares about our environment is important to us. Allow us to demonstrate how Solar will benefit you.

Today, thanks to advanced technologies, generous incentives, creative financing, and ownership strategies, going “green” can actually help businesses cut expenses and achieve great returns on investment.

Carbon Free Energy has significant benefits that help customers meet their financial, environmental, and functional objectives.

Solar System Investments can add huge value to your property and also provide a marketing benefit for your business.

  • 30% Federal tax Credit (can be taken as a grant for systems in service by 12/31/11)
  • Accelerated Depreciation
  • Cash Rebates
  • SREC (Solar Renewable Energy Credit) revenues in many states (not NYS)
  • Property Tax Abatements (in NYC)
  • Special Leasing and Finance programs available for qualified clients
  • Quick returns on your investment

"Ask our representatives to show you how most of the entire cost of a system can be covered by the incentives."

Areas Currently Serviced

The following areas are serviced by our professionals at Solar Energy NY and Solar Energy PA.

  • NEW YORK STATE – NYC, Long Island, Up-State
  • NEW JERSEY – entire state
  • PENNSYLVANIA – Central PA, Eastern PA
  • CONNECTICUT – entire state

Why Go Solar?
  • - Optimal environmental benefit
  • - Dramatically lowering costs
  • - Economically attractive
  • - Incentive programs
  • - Positive public perception
  • - No new construction required
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Company: Solar Energy NY Corp.
Street: 2430 47th Street
City & State: Astoria, NY 11103
Phone: (718) GO-SOLAR
(718) 467-6527
Additional Phone: (718) 721-4400
Fax: (718) 721-5596
  • Q. Which solar system is right for you?
  • A. The right size and type of solar system for your needs will be determined by the unshaded area on your roof or property, energy use and budget.

  • Q.How much does it cost?
  • A. The cost of photovoltaic systems varies widely due to numerous factors, but you can expect to pay significantly less than others in the past due to rebates and government incentives which can reduce your investment by as much as 70% or more!
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